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MBA - KMA Information

Many thanks for your interest in the MBA program KMA by the Ansbach University of Applied Siences.

The MBA - Kreatives Management is a two year program enabling to study while remaining within your daily work life. The entire course is designed around full time employees with a busy schedule and many responsibilities.

There are three semesters that require your presence on certain Fridays (afternoons) and Saturdays (all day). The fourth semester is allowing you to concentrate on your Master Thesis - with no further in-house classes to attend. This website explains the class pattern and gives you a detailled idea of the actual class schedules.

The investment in your future is € 3.750 per semester and covers all exam fees as well as scripts and board/lodging during your seminar week (one for each of the first three semesters, hence 3 in total). We are certain that when you compare us to other programs you will not only see that our prices are very competitive, but notice that our content is one-of-a-kind in the MBA educational field!

The limited amount of students (max. 15 per class) allow for an exceptional personal service and maximum quality of education in your classes.

The application requirements for non-native German speakers are as follows:

  • proof of a BA or higher University degree (or an equivalent school such as i.e. a Business School)

  • minimum of 12 month work experience in the field of your degree

  • passing of the program's own qualifying examination (app. one hour in-person presence in Ansbach is necessary)

  • proof of sufficient German language skills (TextDAF - level 4 (TDN4))

Please note that the entire program is taught soley in German!

You may direct any furter questions to:

Mr Jürgen Rippel - business area manager "education"


tel.: +49 (0) 981 4877-174

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